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Nov. 19th, 2008


Adventures on the Subway

Today I had one of those encounters on the subway which is unique to someone with a foreign appearance in an Asian country.

(Sitting on the subway, a young lad in one of those uniforms that the army boys serving in the police/fire department wear approaches me)

Boy: Excuse me, do I know you?
Me: I don't think so... (then again who knows what nightclub I might have seen him at)
Boy: Oh! You look like this girl from Finland that I know!

(20 minutes later)

Boy: I want to be with you
Me: Oh that's nice. Is that why you're missing your stop?
Boy: Oh, yes, that's on purpose. .. I want to touch your mind. (I believe this to be a translation of 마음에 들어, which is not creepy in Korean, like it is when you translate it into English)
Me: Um, you can just chat with me in Korean.
Boy: When I first saw your eye--
Me: At first sight?
Boy: I think the phrase is, "You swept me off my leg"
Me: feet...I swept you off your feet. That's cute. This is my stop!
Boy: I want to hide from the cold, and buy you coffee
Me: Too bad I don't have time right now (really - i was going to work)
Boy: I promise I'm not a playboy.

We parted at the little paying turnstalls at the subway station and he sent me a text message later that he wants to see me again.
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Oct. 31st, 2008


I love the rhetoric

North Korea warned it would turn South Korea into "debris" and break off all relations if Seoul does not halt "confrontational" activities against the communist country.

"The puppet authorities had better remember that the advanced pre-emptive strike of our own style will reduce everything opposed to the nation and reunification to debris, not just setting them on fire," the North's military said in a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Not just set on fire. That would be getting let off too easy for such an offense. Getting set on fire, that's like for forgetting to polish Kim Jong Il's picture frame in your house.

I love living in potential debris.

(no subject)

so, drunk. just talked with my bank in america. yay! i don't have to leave the country in order to switch my visa status and can just collect a couple of documents to prove i'm actually a student.

tonight was sooo bizarre. First, my friend and I were wined and dined by some random korean pro golfer and his other old friends and then we ditched them at harlem club and went to nb, and i'm too lazy to rewrite what happened, so here's a cut and paste:

Vickie says:
hahahaha, i just remembered how ridiculous tonight was
Josh says:
just how ridiculous was tonight?
Josh says:
score some handsome korean booty?
Vickie says:
i got in an argument with the coat check guy, cuz my friend was totally drunk and gave our coat check tag in, but i wanted to stay with the cute korean boy, and the coat check guy was like, i need another 2 bucks, and i was like NO. and because the other coat check guy was chinese, i started cussing the guy out in chinese, and the other coat check guy was just laughing his ass off, while the korean coat check guy was like - speak korean, ur in korea
Vickie says:
and i kept just saying fuck you you stupid cunt in chinese, lol
Josh says:
Josh says:
Josh says:
Josh says:
I wish I could have seen this
Josh says:
and seriously videotaped it
Josh says:
it could be a youtube classic

Oct. 30th, 2008


(no subject)

It's been silent here for waaay too long. I'm sorry about that.

So much to say right now. Living in Seoul, loving the city, loving the people (especially the 꽃미남 ~ pretty boys, hehe), and loving my live studying Korean at Yonsei University and working a couple of part time jobs.

My favorite moment today: riding the crowded subway during rush hour and looking up at just the right moment to see the Han river lit up beautifully by the nighttime lights of Seoul.

Apr. 23rd, 2008


Tabling for Malaria

Today I was passing out quarter cards on Ho Plaza in order to get my service hours for APO. Basically, I was attempting to inform the populace that a kid dies in Africa every 30 seconds of Malaria, and they could go to a concert tomorrow and make a donation to save people.

My findings: people are dicks.

When people would say things like, "Not today", I was really fighting the urge to tell them, "I hope you die of malaria too, Ivy league douchebag."

I think the worst I did was when one kid was eating his bagel and looking at me like, "puleaaaaase" I said something to the effect of, "Okay, yeah, keep eating your bagel while people are dying".

Overall, a day of great restraint.

Oh! And I looked down at the center of Ho plaza and realized it was probably donated by a bunch of rich Hong Kong donors, based on the names. Is there even a last name "Ho" in English?

Apr. 14th, 2008


(no subject)

astro prelim wednesday? Gah.
game theory prelim thursday? DOOM.

freak out.

so much korean vocab to memorize too.

excuse me while i pass out.

Mar. 29th, 2008


The job search continues on...and on...and on...

Lately I feel that the job search is never ending. Alas, there is no perfect job out there and I am doomed to spend my days at my computer, dropping my resume and sorting through posts that either make me feel inferior as a would-be economist or beat me over the head to remind me that I should have been an English major.

It's just so frustrating -- trying to find the right job is like trying to build a boat out of lead. I'm just going to end up in the briny deep, accepting crap-pay and scrubbing barnacles off the deck.

I've got an interview with Deloitte this coming Wednesday; however, it's doing transfer pricing and I've heard tell-tale how horribly, mind-numbingly boring that can become. I suppose it all depends on if I like the team I'd be working with. I should interview with an open mind.

If I could just find an organization to work with in China or South Korea so that I'd make enough money to take language classes part of my time, I'd very much enjoy that. I just want to continue my life as a student. It's highly unfortunate that the deadline for the state department's scholarship for critical language study was in January this year.

Mar. 7th, 2008


I should write more here

It's a shame, so much happens and i just don't bother to record it.

Today I've got two interviews. One with bloomberg and one with msci barra. We'll see how that goes.

Boys are retarded. i'll expand on that later.

some random chinese stuff just cuz i don't really store this stuff anywhereCollapse )

Feb. 2nd, 2008


(no subject)

i went to an indian party tonight.

i didn't know there were so many indians at cornell.

it was crazy

i'm so drunk.

i bought marshmellows and honeycombs and froyo and chocolate. it's awesome

whya re there no hot guys who aren't assholes at cornell?


Dec. 28th, 2007


Learning Chinese is Funny

I love my old language buddies from back in China, they give me great explanations when I ask them about words I encounter. For instance, I'm watching this popular tv drama 《奋斗》, which is based in Beijing and is all about the lives of recent college grads. I came into some interesting vocab last night while watching it.

So, I asked my friend Carrie about the term 猴急~ hou4ji2 ~ literally translated "monkey-hurry". What could this monkey-hurry be?

Carrie enlightened me:
"bf and gf reunited after they have been apart for a long time. only 5 minutes after they met, the boy started trying to taking the girl bra off which indicated he wanted to have sex asap. then the girl said,"看你这猴急样~"
And Alex clarified further:
就是因为非常着急而乱发脾气或做过分的事情 就是像猴子一样 不管后果 呵呵

So, do ur best to use it in everyday speech, kids!

I also ran into an interesting term: 傍款族 bang4kuan3zu2
What could this be? I knew 族 to be a type of people since, there's all sorts of funny sayings out there like the one for people who live paycheck to paycheck and spend what they don't have, like 月光族, but I couldn't figure this one out.

So Carrie informed me:
有一个词叫"傍大款",指having a sugar mama/papa
傍——依傍,depend on, account on

So I guess the term is sugarbabies =p

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