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Learning Chinese is Funny

I love my old language buddies from back in China, they give me great explanations when I ask them about words I encounter. For instance, I'm watching this popular tv drama 《奋斗》, which is based in Beijing and is all about the lives of recent college grads. I came into some interesting vocab last night while watching it.

So, I asked my friend Carrie about the term 猴急~ hou4ji2 ~ literally translated "monkey-hurry". What could this monkey-hurry be?

Carrie enlightened me:
"bf and gf reunited after they have been apart for a long time. only 5 minutes after they met, the boy started trying to taking the girl bra off which indicated he wanted to have sex asap. then the girl said,"看你这猴急样~"
And Alex clarified further:
就是因为非常着急而乱发脾气或做过分的事情 就是像猴子一样 不管后果 呵呵

So, do ur best to use it in everyday speech, kids!

I also ran into an interesting term: 傍款族 bang4kuan3zu2
What could this be? I knew 族 to be a type of people since, there's all sorts of funny sayings out there like the one for people who live paycheck to paycheck and spend what they don't have, like 月光族, but I couldn't figure this one out.

So Carrie informed me:
有一个词叫"傍大款",指having a sugar mama/papa
傍——依傍,depend on, account on

So I guess the term is sugarbabies =p


You are so very entertaining and lovely, Ai Weili.

When I act silly or crazy in the future, I shall liken myself to a monkey in Chinese. :)
- Ray