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I should write more here

It's a shame, so much happens and i just don't bother to record it.

Today I've got two interviews. One with bloomberg and one with msci barra. We'll see how that goes.

Boys are retarded. i'll expand on that later.

So, I was really confused about "底线" thinking it to be the same as the literal "bottom line", but apparently it's just a minimum requirement.
For example, my old language buddy helped me understand with some examples:
a bad guy gave a young man a lot of money, asking him to hurt sb. the young man said,"maybe sometimes in my life i do do something selfish, but i will never ever hurt an innocent one for money. that's my 做人的底线。"

a girl said to her fiance,"i know you don't like my parents. you don't want us living with my parents after we get married and i can accept that. but we must visit my parent's at least every other week. that's my 底线. if you can't accept that, maybe we shouldn't even get married."


we are not!