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The job search continues on...and on...and on...

Lately I feel that the job search is never ending. Alas, there is no perfect job out there and I am doomed to spend my days at my computer, dropping my resume and sorting through posts that either make me feel inferior as a would-be economist or beat me over the head to remind me that I should have been an English major.

It's just so frustrating -- trying to find the right job is like trying to build a boat out of lead. I'm just going to end up in the briny deep, accepting crap-pay and scrubbing barnacles off the deck.

I've got an interview with Deloitte this coming Wednesday; however, it's doing transfer pricing and I've heard tell-tale how horribly, mind-numbingly boring that can become. I suppose it all depends on if I like the team I'd be working with. I should interview with an open mind.

If I could just find an organization to work with in China or South Korea so that I'd make enough money to take language classes part of my time, I'd very much enjoy that. I just want to continue my life as a student. It's highly unfortunate that the deadline for the state department's scholarship for critical language study was in January this year.


backpacking through zambia.
let's do it.
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