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Tabling for Malaria

Today I was passing out quarter cards on Ho Plaza in order to get my service hours for APO. Basically, I was attempting to inform the populace that a kid dies in Africa every 30 seconds of Malaria, and they could go to a concert tomorrow and make a donation to save people.

My findings: people are dicks.

When people would say things like, "Not today", I was really fighting the urge to tell them, "I hope you die of malaria too, Ivy league douchebag."

I think the worst I did was when one kid was eating his bagel and looking at me like, "puleaaaaase" I said something to the effect of, "Okay, yeah, keep eating your bagel while people are dying".

Overall, a day of great restraint.

Oh! And I looked down at the center of Ho plaza and realized it was probably donated by a bunch of rich Hong Kong donors, based on the names. Is there even a last name "Ho" in English?


Does Don Ho count?
Haha I read your entry and decided to look it up. Apparently in the middle of Ho Plaza, there's a plaque dedicated to the Ho family, who have had 4 graduates since 1955. I can't confirm that since I'm not there, but maybe you can, and let me know if it's true!

Ahh tabling on Ho Plaza is always a pain in the ass. I have on more than one occasion cursed out people slightly louder than I would have intended, because they were being especially snarky or a wise-ass.