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Dec. 28th, 2007


(no subject)

Today I made 떡뽁기 !

I know, I know, I have forever said to Korean people, "Wow! You make 떡뽁기? HOW? You're so talented/gifted/marvelous/somewhat like a god" and then they would reply "um, yeah, it's easy". But, today i finally did it! And yeah, it was kind of easy, but i feel accomplished, so there! I then helped my mom to make some Chinese style eggplant and greens and such. It was kind of really fun. I would cook if other people would prepare ingredients for me and clean up everything for me. I really would.

I'm still happy about my spicy rice cakes ^^

After dinner I went to kumdo and got a lot of sparring action in! I sparred a bit with Master Im and he fixed my hurri. The main problem I had was moving my whole body instead of just my back leg in order to position myself to strike and retreat.

It kind of angers me though because i like the japanese way of doing the practice drills better. This is purely because I'm familiar with it and the korean way seems like it's just doing it wrong, passing by on the wrong side, hitting one too many times during yungyup. Oh well...

After kumdo we headed to master Im's bar/restaurant where I hung out with the kumdo crowd, learned that a Mexican is the world champ of pacman and was called to the kitchen to meet Master Im's wife and be explained the differences between Chinese, Japanese and Korean architecture as well as a broad overview of Korean-Japanese relations.

Master Im: You study Chinese and Korean, so you probably don't like Japan and think the Japanese are bad.
Me: Well, no, but kind of yeah.
Master Im: I'm Korean and you think I shouldn't like Japanese, but I do because you know why? They're Korean.

So yes, I then had a very intriguing half hour lecture on the intricacies of why Japanese were Koreans and why Japanese thought Koreans should be Japanese but they're clearly Koreans and so are the Japanese. All this going back to the Three Kingdoms in Korea and the Tang dynasty and woah, there was lots of ink on that pad of paper.

You know what I hate? When you know someone likes you, because you can just tell when someone does, but you don't reciprocate said liking and so you feel kind of awkward and guilty.

Actually, remind me to write about my guilt complex later, it really came to the fore in my last 24 hours in Beijing.

As for the books I'm reading/have read.

I absolutely LOVED Lost Horizon. I finished it and wanted to pack up a bag, head to the Kunlun mountain range and search for the real Shangrila, not some stupidass Zhongdian renamed Xianggelila. Not gonna cut it.
That was one of those books that I really didn't want to leave the characters and was hoping to just read on.

I then read The Elephanta Suite by Paul Theroux, which was three stories about travelers/business men in India and how India changed/ruined them. It was very moving due to Theroux's story-telling ability and I enjoyed the read, though I don't know how accurate of a portrayal of India it was. Although Theroux does point out "reality has many facets", I would like someone's opinion on the book who has been to India.

I'm now reading Peony in Love by Lisa See, whose book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan I read the other year and was really touched by the story and intellectually stimulated by the topic, women in dynastic china. I loved the way See brought to life the women's script 女书 that was used secretly by them to communicate through weaving the simplified characters into cloth and I found her story of friendship betrayed, lost and found to be moving as well.

If anyone has book suggestions, I'm up for them. After all, Master Im asked the room "Who wants to practice tomorrow night?" and I raised my hand. He then he asked who would like to Saturday night and I raised my hand again. At this point I was slightly embarrassed and could only joke, "yeah, I'm a loser with no friends. Ooops"

Jun. 20th, 2007



Just chilling in Narita airport right now. Tokyo is cool. I mean, I haven't been outside the international terminal, but I'm sitting next to a sushi window and I have internet access, so what more do I need out of life?

btw, oooh asian men and their little cartoon character cellphone charms... I don't really get it. I'm not going to dwell on it.

Jun. 10th, 2007



So, I heard this song at two separate clubs last night and, absolutely loving the beat, I've scoured the internet for it for the past hour or so. I finally found it, no thanks to billboard or online forums or itunes countdown lists.

Dear HK boys at the bar,
As soon as you admit you can't dance, you're not cool. Sorry.
<3 Me

I started reading Den of Thieves, which is about all the insider trading on Wall Street in the 1980s. Now i'm wondering which one of my friends on the street isn't the most morally upstanding? Haha, if it weren't for that pesky SEC.

Now I need to go for a run because I like eating cookies and drinking Chivas.

Jun. 8th, 2007


Sometimes I read books that make me think...

So, I read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and although I wasn't surprised by much of it, seeing as how I already viewed America as attempting global empire and as evil as any nation must be to become a hegemon, I also had never suspected such a relationship between international banks, governments and corporations. For those who haven't read it, it's basically the tale of a man who used to work for the consulting firm MAIN and through his position as an economist there would travel to third world countries and make economic forcasts that were way overinflated so as to justify gigantic loans from banks liiiike the world bank and all those development banks. Those funds would then be funneled to the US through the hiring of american engineering and construction firms, who then also had all the rights to update and repair the sites. Meanwhile, the third world countries are struggling to pay the interest on the loans, don't even mention the principal, and the developed nations and oil interests and whatnot can then call in their "pound of flesh" as the author is so fond of saying, for political favors when the time comes. The author basically describes the variations of this formula throughout the world since the modern financial system was set up after world war two and goes into how leaders are bribed with the huge profits that a handful of families will gain in their countries. Failing at that, the CIA is sent in a la all those assassinations of latin american leaders, and as a last resort we see recurrences of the old form of empire in invasions like Iraq and the bombing of Panama.

So, yeah, America's evil and corporations and oil interests run the government and control the media. Not news at all, but it's interesting reading some of the economic details. Very crafty, indeed.

I should probably take some developmental economics courses or something. If there's not too much math. I am avoiding all econ that smacks of math for my last two economics courses that I need to take. Hello economic history courses. I hope I haven't taken you all already.

I still need to think of what to write my CAPS thesis on.

May. 28th, 2007


A happy day!

Hehe, I love how my last post was about how boys are assholes. Well, this one is about how cute boys are! Today I had a marvelously superfabulous date that made me happy happy squee squee even though my feet are going to fall off because we walked all over Chicago. I met a cute Korean boy at Buzz on Friday when Megan and I went out clubbing, and he got my number and we made plans to go out today. So, we went to navy pier, rode on the ferris wheel, and walked around Chicago ridiculous amounts, catching a concert at Millennium Park and seeing the Memorial Day fireworks. In the end, I missed the train I wanted to take, so we hung around, took ridiculously FOBy pictures with our cellphones and made plans to do a bajillion other things =) Haha, he's so cute too when he struggles so hard to think of the English word he wants to say. I just sit back and laugh because that was me with Chinese last summer.

Mmm, I hope my daddy grills me a portabello burger tomorrow for memorial day!

May. 21st, 2007


We only said good-bye with words, I died a hundred times, You go back to her, And I go back to.....

Guys are assholes.

May. 3rd, 2007


(no subject)

Tomorrow is slope day. Both T.I. and Journey are coming to play in concert for all of us drunken Cornellians, who will surely be stumbling all over the slope and far too inebriated to realize how horrible the sets are and how they're cut short, hehe.

Tonight I'm going out with Chava as soon as she gets back to her room and changes. It's exciting because not only have I not seen her for awhile, but I need to buy her a birthday drink! ^^

Tomorrow I think I'm beginning my day with kamikaze shots...

In other news, if Chen Laoshi doesn't mark down my grade, Wu Laoshi has said he's recommending an A for me for the class and I will be so happy to at least have 4 credits of an A. I think I might have 6 of an A- for Korean. At least, that is to say, if I bust my butt for the final I will. However, there's a lot of financial accounting, macroecon and world economic history i never learned that's scaring me.

Summer plans are still uncertain as of this moment. AHHH!

Oh well, I can honestly say I've thoroughly enjoyed and am still thoroughly enjoying my second semester of junior year ^_^

Apr. 24th, 2007


The plague

I have caught the plague and I'm going to die very soon a nasty cold.

I feeeeel soooooo laaaaaaathaaaaaaaaargiiiiiiic.

No more alcohol or kissing random boys.


Apr. 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

Okay ~~ I think I need to swear off boys until I'm going to be in a single location for longer than a few weeks.


p.s. this weekend was AMAZING

Apr. 16th, 2007


On Turning 21

Well, my 21st b-day party was AMAZING! So much fun! I gotta thank Ray and his apartment mates for holding it. Not only did I teach a lot of people how to play that awesome-fun chinese dice game, but I also got to drink my favorite green tea and chivas mix while jumping around to my favorite hip hop songs and Irish drinking songs (while doing the one irish step dance i know). I don't think I've ever been so drunk, and I did confess a liking to my korean tutor to which he responded, "vickie...you're really drunk..." and I was like "oooookay" and continued dancing with aki =p Then, coming back from the bars, I ran into the boy I met last week that I might be becoming borderline obsessed with =p fuuuuun night!

This Thursday I'm going to NYC to visit Blackrock and Lehman Brothers with the investment club. That should be fun ^_^

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