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Adventures on the Subway

Today I had one of those encounters on the subway which is unique to someone with a foreign appearance in an Asian country.

(Sitting on the subway, a young lad in one of those uniforms that the army boys serving in the police/fire department wear approaches me)

Boy: Excuse me, do I know you?
Me: I don't think so... (then again who knows what nightclub I might have seen him at)
Boy: Oh! You look like this girl from Finland that I know!

(20 minutes later)

Boy: I want to be with you
Me: Oh that's nice. Is that why you're missing your stop?
Boy: Oh, yes, that's on purpose. .. I want to touch your mind. (I believe this to be a translation of 마음에 들어, which is not creepy in Korean, like it is when you translate it into English)
Me: Um, you can just chat with me in Korean.
Boy: When I first saw your eye--
Me: At first sight?
Boy: I think the phrase is, "You swept me off my leg"
Me: feet...I swept you off your feet. That's cute. This is my stop!
Boy: I want to hide from the cold, and buy you coffee
Me: Too bad I don't have time right now (really - i was going to work)
Boy: I promise I'm not a playboy.

We parted at the little paying turnstalls at the subway station and he sent me a text message later that he wants to see me again.
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i am upset that he acquired your number during this awkward and creepy exchange
I like attention. As proved by my decided to be on Korean tv, hahahah (got my entertainment visa today!)